On October 30th, Sustainability in Business Laurier and the Laurier Career Centre hosted the “Sustainability in Careers and Corporate Responsibility” event. This night highlighted the growing trend of sustainability in corporate environments through a panel of four excellent speakers. Laurier welcomed Miranda Fuller, Kelsey Koebel, Tara Zimmerman, and Ryan Strauss to discuss how corporate responsibility is incorporated into their distinctive careers.

Miranda Fuller currently works as an Executive Director for Oxford Community Energy Cooperator. Graduating from Laurier with a Bachelor of Arts, she stressed that a business degree is not the only possible degree needed to enter a similar field. Though it may be difficult to find a job solely focused on sustainability, as long as you have the passion and drive for it, you’ll eventually find the right position you. She also explained that it may take many different jobs before you find the best fit, as she worked numerous jobs before finally thriving at Oxford Community Energy Cooperator.

Kelsey Koebel is the Manager of Sustainability and Social Impact at My Effect, an organization that aims to connect non-profits, communities, and businesses. She discussed her time at Toronto Pearson International Airport as a Sustainability and Strategy Coordinator. Working behind the seasons at Pearson, she understood the logistics and the waste that was produced when travelling. This contributed to her drive to help organizations become more environmentally friendly.


Tara Zimmerman is a Marketing and Engagement Manager for Cupanion, a reusable water bottle brand that aims to provide clean water for everyone. She explained that she always wanted to help a start-up and work in the starting phases of a company. Cupanion was the perfect fit for her due to its start-up work environment and sustainable initiatives.

Finally, Ryan Strauss is a HRMS Project Specialist for IKEA Canada. He focuses on the social side of corporate responsibility, mainly in regard to the current refugee crisis. As a Global Ambassador for the IKEA Foundation, he helps organize IKEA’s yearly support of World Refugee Day. He spoke on the backlash that came from individuals on social media platforms for IKEA supporting such a cause. Though it may seem harmful for IKEA to follow a cause with such controversy, he stated that IKEA and himself truly care about this issue no matter what the response is. He expressed that if you are supporting or doing something you love, you should not focus on the negatives that may come from it.

Attendees then had an opportunity to network with the panelists before the night ended. Our guest speakers provided everyone with unique insights into following a career in sustainability. Whether it be environmental stewardship or humanitarian efforts, our four speakers stressed the importance of following your passions, no matter what may be stopping you.

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