This past Tuesday, Sustainability in Business kicked-off the school year with their exciting new Sustainability in Fashion Event. Sponsored by global fashion icon H&M, the event saw presentations by multiple key people who are well versed in sustainability, fashion, and even sustainable fashion.

SIB President Sydney Frigerio and VP of Internal Relations Jessica Mar kicking off the event.

        The event begun with SIB representatives Sid Frigerio and Jessica Mar, who introduced the main speaker of the night, H&M representative Jessica Stasskewitsch. The sustainable fashion promoter spoke of H&M’s growing role in the green-wear market, as well as their enhanced sense of responsibility as leaders in this industry. Ms. Stasskewitsch presented the corporation’s sustainable vision and current goals, which included using 100% sustainable cotton by 2020, and using 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

Jessica Stasskewitsch presenting H&M’s sustainable vision and current goals.

        H&M’s presentation of their goals and progress was extremely interesting and informative, and culminated in the promotion of the corporation’s Global Change Award, encouraging innovative students to form ideas based at the crossroads of sustainability and fashion.

        Following the H&M presentation was SIB executive Yaseen Mirza. Mr. Mirza presented on behalf of Tyler Plante, the program coordinator at Laurier’s Sustainability Office. The presentation provided a strong summary of everything the office is responsible for, such as their various recycling programs and sustainable hawk fund . He also touched on the progress the office has made in earning Laurier the title of Ontario’s most sustainable campus. Mr. Mirza then outlined the future goals the office has in maintaining this strong reputation as a sustainable campus model.

        The final event of the night was a presentation by LastXX Apparel, a new venture formed by second-year BBA student Lauren Barnes and recent BBA graduate Lucas Barnes. The siblings introduced their venture and summarized their origins, progress, and future goals. The Barnes’ innovative project looks to create apparel using consumed plastic, and they have already partnered with a Thornhill fitness centre to put their goals in action. The venture is a premier example of Laurier students’ innovative and thoughtful character that applies outside of classroom as much as it applies inside of it.

Founders of LastXX Apparel introducing their new business.

        The night concluded with a casual networking event between the featured speakers and attendees. The evening’s presentations had shown a commonality of goals and concerns between a global corporation and a local new venture, while SIB and Laurier connected the two sustainable innovators. With a large company setting a responsible example, and young minds putting their ideas to work, a positive change in the fashion world is more than likely in the near future.

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