Name: Joanna Lewis

Position: Co-President

Year and Program: 4th year BBA (marketing concentration)

Why I Joined SIB: Sustainability has been a passion of mine ever since I was young. I have always gotten involved with various projects and initiatives that have had a sustainable background to them, and this is something I continue to do within my current education and career path. When I came to Laurier and started looking for clubs to join, I knew SIB would be an exceptional organization that would foster my passion for business and sustainability. SIB has allowed me to expand my passion and knowledge even further and I am greatly looking forward to enhancing this within my future endeavours.

Sustainable Development Goal I’m Passionate About: Although it’s hard to choose just one SDG that I am most passionate about, I would have to say the one goal that I find to be the most prominent in our current society is Climate Action (SDG 13). This goal urges us to take immediate action in order to combat the effects of climate change. Climate change is greatly impacting and disrupting our lives, communities, national economies, and world. It is an issue and goal that I have and will continue to bring light to and positively contribute in any way that I can. Combating this issue can be done in both small or large ways, regardless it has to start somewhere and it starts when we act.

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