We have all seen images of helpless marine life trapped in plastic waste, struggling to stay alive. These images are heartbreaking, as it becomes clear that the lives of many animals are threatened each year due to ocean plastic. As the world’s population grows, and levels of plastic waste continue to rise, this problem only increases in severity. This is an apparent issue, which needs to be solved in order to prevent the extinction and destruction of many species.

This issue inspired Boyan Slat, who decided to find a way to clean up plastic waste which enters the ocean. With the help of biologists and engineers, Slat came up with a revolutionary idea, which may be able to reduce levels of ocean plastic exponentially over the next few years. It is a 2,000-foot-long floating boom that swirls non stop, scooping abandoned plastic out of the ocean, where it is later collected and removed.

Although some have doubted his idea, he has many devoted followers who have raised $31.5 million in funding for the project. He understands that this is not all of the issues associated with plastic waste in the ocean, but is optimistic that it will have a substantial impact, allowing marine life to thrive instead of suffer.

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