At last years Global Climate Action Summit, IKEA CEO Jasper Brodin announced the company’s new transportation pledge. The company made a commitment to “ having electric vehicles deliver the last-mile portion of all of its product shipments to customers by 2025” (businessgreen).

The parent company of IKEA, called Inkga Group, started working out the stages necessary to chip away at this daunting goal. The group announced its plans to “electrify its last-mile delivery in Shanghai, Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam by 2020” (businessgreen).

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Though this task seems impossible, IKEA has already managed to hit their goal ahead of time! At the beginning of this year, IKEA has made every delivery in Shangai through electric vehicles.

The question now is, how did IKEA manage to accomplish their goal so quickly? The company credits collaboration and their willingness to think outside the box…

To learn more about IKEA’s strategy and how they want to take this plan around the world, click here


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