For 11 years, HP has been recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. In 2018, this multi-national information technology company was the only technology company present on the list. To be named, employers must have developed unique environmental initiatives, successfully reduced the organizations environmental footprint and show employee involvement in these programs (to name a few!).

And its very clear how the company earned a place on that list. HP is “reinventing the way its products are designed, manufactured, used and recovered as it shifts its business model and operations towards a materials- and energy-efficient circular economy[LN1] .”

The concept of materials cycle is vital to this business model. Plastics, metals and other materials are constantly re-used for high-grade applications, eliminating the process of “down-cycling” into lower grades that turn to electronic waste. To achieve a healthy cycle, the company works to find materials alternatives, develop robust recycling systems, create designs that allow for reparability and use of recycled materials in new products. Learn more about their fascinating process here.

HP also supports education and economic opportunities for people in Hati through their “Closed Loop” ink cartrage recycling program.

After the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the area was littered with piles of plastic bottles. Through collaboration with Thread International, Timberland, Work and Association des Collecteurs des Objets en Plastique, pastic bottles were given a second life – as printer cartridges! So far, 90,000 kg of materials were collected and moved through HP, and the company is looking into more ways to recycle the materials. Not only does the plan recycle materials, it also works to improve the lives of the Hatian recycle workers, from providing children’s education to upgrading the recycling systems. To learn more about this amazing initiative, click here!

HP has taken on some amazing sustainable initiatives, and set the bar for other information technology companies. We look forward to seeing what initiatives HP takes on next! To lean more about all that HP has done, click here.

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