IKEA Delivers on Transportation Pledge

At last years Global Climate Action Summit, IKEA CEO Jasper Brodin announced the company’s new transportation pledge. The company made a commitment to “ having electric vehicles deliver the last-mile portion of all of its product shipments to customers by 2025” (businessgreen). The parent company of IKEA, called Inkga Group, started working out the stages … Read more

The Increasing Need for Sustainable Fashion

As university students, we can often find ourselves trying to keep up on current fashion trends. But what we don’t think about is what happens to the items that are no longer “trendy” or how intensive the production of that new t-shirt is on the environment.  This is what makes the fashion industry one of … Read more

LIFE’s Strides Toward a Renewable Waterloo Region

The green energy economy is looking rock solid as solar and wind dominate the future of electricity. This is happening for a simple reason – these resources have finally become profitable. Twenty years ago, investors were reluctant to take the risk because of unreasonable installation costs and resource intermittency. Since then, the rapid rise of … Read more