Green or Greenwashing?

It is no surprise that consumer trends are ever-evolving, and for companies that means changing up their marketing strategies. Within recent years, sustainability has become increasingly important in terms of the customer purchasing process. With more and more light being shed on the unethical and damaging production processes of our corporate world, consumers are demanding … Read more

Sustainability in Supply Chain – Event Recap

Sustainability in Business Laurier (SIB) and Laurier Supply Chain Association (LSCA) hosted a very successful joint event called “Sustainability in Supply Chain”. This event took place on November 8th via Zoom and was sponsored by Diva International and Kindred Credit Union.  This event featured six speakers who have all effectively incorporated sustainability into their supply … Read more

Business Spotlight: Hewlett Packard

For 11 years, HP has been recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. In 2018, this multi-national information technology company was the only technology company present on the list. To be named, employers must have developed unique environmental initiatives, successfully reduced the organizations environmental footprint and show employee involvement in these programs (to name a … Read more

IKEA Delivers on Transportation Pledge

At last years Global Climate Action Summit, IKEA CEO Jasper Brodin announced the company’s new transportation pledge. The company made a commitment to “ having electric vehicles deliver the last-mile portion of all of its product shipments to customers by 2025” (businessgreen). The parent company of IKEA, called Inkga Group, started working out the stages … Read more

Sustainability Week : Event Recap

As Sustainability Week loomed closer the SIB Laurier team was nervous yet excited – there was so much to plan! We wanted students to have the opportunity learn, discuss and network through a variety of valuable events centered around, of course, Sustainability in Business. Now that the week has come and passed, we wanted to … Read more