SIB Laurier would like to recognize companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo area that have made recognizable efforts to be sustainable and practice sustainable actions. The feature for this month is Reep Green Solutions. It was founded in 1999 as the Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) through a joint initiative of the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Environment and the Elora Environment Centre. The current focus for the company is addressing climate change through residential energy efficiency and storm water management. The provide energy evolution initiatives such as visiting local KW homes and evaluating their efficiency. For businesses; the Workplace Lunch ‘n Learn program is an initiative to spur home energy retrofits by reaching out to homeowners through their workplace.

In addition, this company has joint forces with municipalities in Waterloo Region and Green Communities Canada, to implement a new storm water management program across all sectors in Waterloo Region, known as RAIN.

What really stood out to us was the company’s vision and mission:

Vision: We believe that by acting today, we can leave our children a community that is more resilient, vibrant, caring and sustainable.

Mission: Our mission is to empower the community with the practical tools, knowledge and capacity for action to make sustainable living the norm.”

REEP is looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about sustainable practices and are passionate about their mission and visions as a sustainable company. It would be a pleasure to see some Laurier Golden Hawks working on such admirable projects. If you or someone you know would be interested visit their company website for more details..

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