Sustainability Spotlight: Nestlé

Nestlé is known to be the world’s largest food and beverage company. The global brand has over 2000 brands and...
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Local Initiative Spotlight: KW Library of Things

Would you like to save money, support the environment and become involved in your community? The Library of Things should...
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How Sustainable is your Starbucks Drink?

Starbucks has an impressive commitment to the environment, it even has Green Stores. Paying attention to our daily habits can...
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On the ‘Letter to Humanity’: Why There is Still a Fighting Chance

In 1992, the Union of Concerned Scientists and another 1700 independent scientists signed a letter entitled “World Scientists’ Warning to...
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Sustainability Spotlight: Henkel AG & Co.

Based in Germany, Henkel AG & Co. is a leader in both industrial and consumer businesses and operates globally in...
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Tree-Planting Impact Project

On October 18th, 2017, members from the S4S team planted trees in the Waterloo community. Traveling to Westmount Sports Park,...
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Having Their Cake and Eating Yours, Too: Climate Change’s Effects on World Hunger

It is not news that, in many unfortunate corners of the world, people are going to bed hungry every single...
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LIFE’s Strides Toward a Renewable Waterloo Region

The green energy economy is looking rock solid as solar and wind dominate the future of electricity. This is happening...
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Why You Should Eat Local With Community Supported Agriculture

There once was a time when people actually knew where their food came from, and how it was made. Today,...
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