Re-Cap: B-Corp Conference

In today’s business landscape, it isn’t uncommon for businesses to hyperbolize their green initiatives. Greenwashing has become a common practice for many companies and in response, organizations such as B-Labs have been formed to help certify environmental and socially sustainable businesses. Through the B-Corp certification and its strict regulations, only truly sustainable companies are able … Read more

Re-Cap: Sustainability in Careers and Corporate Responsibility

On October 30th, Sustainability in Business Laurier and the Laurier Career Centre hosted the “Sustainability in Careers and Corporate Responsibility” event. This night highlighted the growing trend of sustainability in corporate environments through a panel of four excellent speakers. Laurier welcomed Miranda Fuller, Kelsey Koebel, Tara Zimmerman, and Ryan Strauss to discuss how corporate responsibility … Read more

The Increasing Need for Sustainable Fashion

As university students, we can often find ourselves trying to keep up on current fashion trends. But what we don’t think about is what happens to the items that are no longer “trendy” or how intensive the production of that new t-shirt is on the environment.  This is what makes the fashion industry one of … Read more